One Moment Now

A brand new table-top audio-play especially designed for Bewley’s Café, Grafton Street

8 - 24 May, 2023

Content warning:
Themes of bereavement

Some people find it hard to sit in a café. Alone. With just their thoughts. Don’t worry, we’re going to keep you company this next while.

One Moment Now is an invitation to sit alone at a café table for a few minutes.

Through headphones, you’ll hear a story - about memory, about grandsons and grandmothers, about coffee shops and hospital visits - and be invited to participate as it plays out on the table in front of you.

One Moment Now is available for touring.

One Moment Now
by Murmuration

Performed by Helen Roche, Bairbre Ní Chaoimh and Austin Casey

Written by John King and Finbarr Doyle
Sound Concept by Jenny O’Malley
Sound Design by Leon Henry
Produced by Tilly Taylor
Developed by Ellen Kirk, Jenny O’Malley, John King, Finbarr Doyle and Tilly Taylor

Photography by Donal Talbot

With thanks to David Horan and the team at Bewleys Café and Bewleys Café Theatre

Funded by Bewley’s Café Theatre’s Artist-in-Residence Scheme, with Creative Production Support from field:arts

© 2021 Murmuration. All rights reserved.